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Target Compensation Employee Reviews

What is the best part about your compensation package?

The best part is its a very fair wage for the job and within market value. The health benefits though have a high deductible and are costly which can cut deeply into your pay.

Posted 3 days ago

Benefits are great know with free education, after you've been at the company for 5+ years your PTO is actually pretty decent. Medical is just as bad as anywhere else, thankfully I still get medical through the military. All other benefits are average

Posted 12 days ago

Health benefits but you have to be full time

Posted a month ago

Overshadowed by lack of people skills, development and using humiliation as punishment.

Review from Sales Dept

The full package is the best

401 k company match health

The benefits are the best I've had

They are fair about it .

Review from Marketing Dept

Affordable dental and 401k match.

Review from Operations Dept

Mostly 401k and health benefits

The 401k is one of the best ive had

Paid time off for grievances and personal issues, they even offer counselors if you need them!

The whole package is great have no problems with the package

Affordable health benefits with additional discounts for healthy lifestyles.

okay if you don’t want to go to the sto

Pay rate and benefits are good

401k and dental is awesome

It's cheap and pretty straightforward

Lots of available options as far as benefits

Target has great benefits. In addition, on their team member website, they offer a lot of discounts. For example discounted gym memberships, engagement rings, tickets for events, etc.

Why do you feel undervalued and what would make you feel better about your compensation?

We are put unrealistic expectations when our department is understaffed and overworked

Posted 9 days ago

If I didn't get mistreated I'd feel better

Posted 21 days ago

I got a half percent raise after a year of almost perfect attendance and no complaints about my performance. The reason for low raise was vague like needs to improve, but gives no specifics. Just a way to get more from you for less!

Posted 22 days ago

I have always gone above and beyond in my role, i take pride in the work i do ans helping people and consider myself a team player. At least 2 people on my team think im one of the hardest working yet my manager seems clueless. Last raise was "meets expectations" and was 2%. Was a slap in the face.

Posted 23 days ago

Better stock compensation options .

Posted a month ago

A real raise not 10 cents

Posted a month ago

Pay me for my experience and dedication.

Posted a month ago

Target without its employees would not exist. Target needs to really respect its employees not just put on the fake show. Corporate greed will be the end of Target sooner than later.

Posted a month ago

I work very hard and yet all ireceived was an insulting 8 cents raise

Pay proportionate to the difficulty and volume of work. Ethical treatment.

I just want to be paid better based on the cost of living in my city.

I was once injured badly due to unsafe conditions at work and after reporting it my job was threatened. Ive been trying to move up for months and have been given the position in all but name and pay and they see no problem in that. Plus feslite qualifying i have been denied medical every season

It’s great to have a decent hourly wage, but the lack of offered hours (due to corporate not giving enough budget for staffing) makes it almost not worth it. Keep your good employees by giving them the hours. They don’t care about keeping good pe

We do more than we should and have unrealistic expectations

Sometimes positive words of affirmation.

Price of gaz an other prices ate going up so much would like to see a higher paycheck an insurance offered to all. Workers over a period of time

If we had an HR department that actually worked for the employees instead of just looking out for corporate. They don't even try to explain anything about benefits.

I am often left alone on shifts that, at proper staffing levels, would have two or three employees. I routinely do tasks my area lead should be doing, but Target policy nitpick things like coming in or staying too early/late even though my bosses acknowledge we are stretched thin.


There is very little emotional support from management, no rewards when stepping up, no mobility within the company, even when you're doing the tasks of a manager every shift. Very little responsibility on the part of the managers. No understanding of the front-line workers' experiences.

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2058 employees at Target score their wages and compensation a C+ on average. As a testament to this, when employees are asked “Do you believe you're paid fairly?”, 62% say Yes. The Business Development department is the most satisfied with their compensation, ranking it 88/100, a full 26 pts above the Operations department. If you want detailed data about Target's wages, see the <a href="">wage breakdown by department, job titles, locations, and more.</a>

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