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Target Leadership Employee Reviews

What do you like best about the leadership team?

Great iverall compare to others

Posted 6 days ago

The transparency and emphasis on team

Review from Engineering Dept · Posted 12 days ago

Authentic and helpful with career development.

Posted 19 days ago

They really care about their employees

Posted 20 days ago

They are amazing considering the low level of support corporate gives them.

Posted 21 days ago

Focused driven team with realistic goals and excellent planing skills.

Posted 21 days ago

The culture is here is truly amazing

Posted 22 days ago

Works hard with employees daily

Posted a month ago

Things get done, that's about it

They listen to your needs and are willing to help you. They believe in progress not perfection and guve feedback as necessary. Its nice when managers acknowledge that you can't be perfect all the time but guve you the chance to improve upon ypur craft.

They're mostly Friendly. Two words

They are good about making sure you know what to do

Friendly and easy to work with.

Some recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion verses Frontline managers only required to spell it

Review from Sales Dept

The ones that actually work

They are all working well together

Everyone keeps in communication with each other

Mangner looked out for people but the higher ups don't allow that anymore

Some leads are great some not at all its hit or miss

Our team leaders work hand in hand with us never given a task that they them self have not done

What does the leadership team need to get better at?

Interpersonal communication, fairness, transparency, experience, equality, professionalism.

Posted 11 days ago

Treating employees like they're humans.

Posted 12 days ago

Everything, but mainly communication. They also need to hire more employees so that when one person needs a day off they can take it without being made to feel bad.

Posted 13 days ago

Show more recognition, appreciation, & better pay for truck unloaders

Helping those that want to move up with more exposure to senior leadership. Spend more time developing others and building a solid pipeline to staff stores throughout the district, retention is horrible in our district.

Everything, or at least just act like you care about your employees and try to be understanding, I never called out or missed a day, but when I had hurt when working there and requested just 1 day off, they told me no and there were multiple of people who worked there and received multiple times off

Being fair and treating everyone as equal. Stop with the favoritism

They tend to use fear and bullying as a motivator since they lack the skills to do anything else.

Everything all dumb as fuck

Actually work, come out of the office

They should know that they are dealing with humans.if target received a complaint, an investigation right away because it stains the name of target.people can learn everything about the job but ATTITUDE cannot be taught or learned.

Communicating better with all staff

Understanding what is required to do the job. Letting their better employees know they are valued. Turn over is too high.

Review from Sales Dept

Rewarding us for hard work and having feedback thats actually helpful. Instead they just yell and dont help solve provlems.

They are extremely arrogant so they do not ever take any feedback or suggestions. Get over yourself you're not always right.

Literally everything needs significant improvement.

Must treat their employees better

Not giving favortizme to there relatives when so many other emloyees deserve

People who understand disabilities and people who don't threaten employees. They keep saying they are going to do something about problems on the floor but all they do is make an announcement at team meetings. They need people to do their job instead of just auditing the employees.

Caring about the team they are responsible for and not only caring about the statistics and taking responsibility for their own workload and their own mistakrs rather than dumping both on team members and expecting the world in return


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