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Target Outlook Employee Reviews

What makes you most happy at work?

Being able to complete a stressful task.

Posted 15 days ago

HELPING GUESTS; the best days are when I'm tasked with doing something I'm good at instead of being expected to work like someone half my age & not being subjected to snarky/condescending/unprofessional comments about my age/abilities/productivity ; shifts where my every task isn't timed

Posted 16 days ago

When I hey the hours I need to live each week

Posted 25 days ago

At Target we bring joy to everyday life. The interactions I have with guests at Target are geberally very positive. Also my co-workers make me happy when they have a warm smile and are in a good mood.

Interacting and developing with my team and getting some hands on work from my department.

seeing my customers and walking

Helping people solve problems, feel better aboit themselves, smile

My days off and vacation

Working towards a common goal

Helping guest and seeing my area look good.

Review from Sales Dept

The guest smiling everyday is amazing

Happy courteous people. Also there is no yellling are arguing at all .

Review from Marketing Dept

The ability to learn new functions, strive for advancement, and motivate my team.

Review from Operations Dept

The interactions I have with my coworkers.

I like interacting with my coworkers

Being able to see my coworkers and run orders and get through rushes with flying colors with my friends

Making a guest day just by engaging with them

Talking to my coworkers and getting my cardio with ship from store. Other than that, I dread being there because corporation does not care one bit about us.

Knowing that my work is appreciated and constantly acknowledged.

It was a great place to work at 15 years ago but now with new team leads and new hr not a fair place to work

What's going wrong and how can it be improved?

I think people using the pickup service are happy, but all the focus is on them. People shopping in the store have commented on how physically shopping in the store is no longer fun, and more of a chore. If you go to Walmart, you recognize shoppers that have given up on Target. Our image is gone.

Posted a month ago

Manager needs to take a interest in what's going on

It's extremely understaffed. Corporate is failing. Stop cutting hours for your bottom line it is hurting the bottom line and Target is losing a lot of sales. Put money into more staffing in stores and the bottom line will rise I guarantee it.

Encouraged to rush customer and get back to task. Customer service belief that being right is necessary to make sure they are in power.

Review from Sales Dept

Target only cares about itself.

fire everyone in charge and find QUALIFIED ppl. not a degree but someone who can and will work.

Shut it down. I dont see any improvement unless someone else buys the company and starts from scratch

Horrible management. Favoritism. No imployee incentives.

I’m disgusted to have worked her

Over working everyone and giving some people more work than others. How can you give someone 1-2 sections and then everyone else gets 2-3 sections and expect it to be perfect when there is no expectations for some.

Target was great up until about two or three years ago. The new upper leadership is full of vile human beings who don't know the first thing about human relations.

Review from Sales Dept

Management is unbelievably disconnected with lower level employees. They do not make any attempts to work WITH us to understand the daily, weekly, or monthly problems and solutions we deal with on the regular.

Review from Sales Dept

The lying. No considerate, compassionate or empathetic what so ever

Review from Sales Dept

I think management should be required to do the job for 1 full pay period. This hands on experience will show them things that the computer never will. If they did they work themselves they would all possibly resign from the job.

Review from Product Dept

The company is cutting corners and trying to do the same amount with far less people. They need to give more hours and hire more employs.

Review from Admin Dept

i just don't want to work as much as I do

Review from Product Dept

management is terrible. They don't care about the employees and treat them like trash

Review from Sales Dept

The work is overwhelming to me . The solution to this to adopt delegation

Review from Product Dept

Needs better management, more benefits for workers. Think they could honestly use a workers union

Review from Customer Support Dept

People are stealing merchandise from the store

Review from Design Dept

What do you like best about your company?

The people I work with. Everyone is down to Earth and genuinely care about one another.

they work with peoples flexibility

Review from Sales Dept

It’s a good place to work

Review from Product Dept

nothing much at all i get a pay check

Good teamwork & supportive coworkers.

My coworkers is what I like best

Company stock company money and investments

managers and coworkers and hr department

The extra discount on items in the store and online.

the hourly pay and benefits

The work hours and co-workers

Review from Operations Dept

I love being able to work somewhere I love being.

Review from Sales Dept

I like fairness and how people treat each ither

Product we sell

Review from Sales Dept

Changing, challenging how things have been done.

Review from Engineering Dept


Review from Operations Dept

What would you most like to see improved at your company?

To tone it back on the guest interactions. You can still provide excellent guest services without every employee crowding every guest or pushing the sale on them.

being able to pick up hours

Review from Sales Dept

Seek to understand before jumping to conclusions

Better pay and hours !

Review from Product Dept

h h h h j

All the way from the top, the company needs to realize it's hurting there sale, reputation, & company as a whole, when they give SO FEW hours to management to schedule the employees. There is NEVER enough staff to cover everything that needs to be done & more often than not the customers suffer!

The amount of work per person

Working hours more money to make

more benefits and higher pay

the workload, communication and training.

Everything is good, honestly

Communication and work ethic

Review from Sales Dept

Diversity representation in IT

Review from Engineering Dept

There are pockets of Command and Control leadership.

Review from Engineering Dept

Listen to employees who actually do the job

Review from Operations Dept

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