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UPS Team Employee Reviews

What are some of the best things about your team?

Many of the employees are hard working.

Review from Customer Support Dept · Posted 8 days ago

Hourlys they are mostly good employees

Posted 8 days ago

The teamwork atmosphere is very strong

Posted 17 days ago

I don't feel like I'm part of a team

Posted 21 days ago

Everyone gets along, we have fun at work and i love my employees

Posted 22 days ago

Being able to share ideas

Posted 22 days ago

They try as much as possible

Posted 23 days ago

Knowledgeable and caring staff to each other and to our customers

Posted 24 days ago

Our team works together and always helps the other team members when needed

Posted a month ago

We all enjoy spending time together.

We work as a team. We've stated before that the sort would be in disarray if none of us worked together. The fact that we respect each other is the reason why the hub runs as efficiently as it should. Not because of our upper management. They're too busy figuring out how to get a bigger bonus.

Review from Operations Dept

We have poor leadership so we don't do anything

Diverse and coordinated to adapt changes well.

Safety is strongly encouraged,some team members are helpful

Wish it felt like a team, honestly

My team is full of specialized and hard working people that I can trust. We also have a good time.

They do their jobs like they should

We all agree on what should be changed.

Aome are enthusiastic about doing the job and see it as a work out or outlet others just see it as is unsafe and they cant do it.

Couldn't tell you. Most of the time the only one in the office is the OMS.

Review from Operations Dept

What do your coworkers need to improve and how could you work together better?

more listening to one another

Posted 7 days ago

Be more open to different personalities and ideas

Posted 8 days ago

Better leadership for my shift

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 20 days ago

we need to be honest and not just push good employees to be better. some people do everything abd there is others who literally do nothing. but always harrasing the good employees to do better and "forgetting and hiding" the bad employees, especially during audits

Review from Operations Dept · Posted 20 days ago

Everyone hates the job so theyre always looking to put the work and responsibilities on someone else and then take the credit

Posted 24 days ago

Some workers work harder than others and not much communication between employees to do the job quicker unless a supervisor tells them so.

Posted a month ago

The coworkers are okay but they constantly get screamed at by these racist white men who don't do anything but watch them struggle while they disappear and come back fussing at the employees

Well first off they could stop being ignorant and actually help others when they are getting overwhelmed with work. It happens way to often that someone is one their phone while someone is getting destroyed on the sort aisle. They could be faster. Aware of surroundings. I could go on forever

Review from Operations Dept

Co worker are ok but there should be some kind of monthly meeting

Review from Operations Dept

They no that it's part of this job, that we have to always feel like we can't let our guards down and we are always going to be pushed to do more and it makes us competitive and we all know what we have to do

they could start by quitting UPS and looking for better companies to work with

UPS can make time management difficult for an outside rep as they are known to have a lot of conference and zoom calls

Review from Sales Dept

Maybe not treating everyone like second class citizens or cursing at them.

They should get some education

Stop trying to step over someone to prove your worth

Review from Operations Dept

If we were paid fairly and they didnt hang our benefits by a thread we wouldnt be upset.

Respect and communication and honesty

Some teams seem to work well together, others have team members that are burned out and disinterested in delivering great work, and instead deliver mediocre work needing rework. One such member affects the speed of the rest of the team that is still engaged and trying to move quicker.

Review from Communications Dept

Mind your own buisness, and worry about themselves

Work hard take hob serious

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UPS' team score is currently ranked in the Bottom 35% of similar sized companies on Comparably and placed 5th among its competitors. 80% of UPS employees look forward to interacting with coworkers while 43% believe their company meetings are effective. Among the various teams at UPS, the Customer Success department ranks the highest in team score.

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